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Gardening: All Fun and Games?

Sure gardening pictures on Instagram are really fun and you get super hyper that “Hey, If they can do it, so can I” and yes you can but here’s the deal: Gardening is like ordering that fab dress online and finding it not as fabulous as you thought it was. Why does that happen? Here’s […]

The Benefits of Indoor Plants

Whether you’re new to the trend or have been following it for years online, you must know that houseplants are super popular today. They have always been used in interior decorating because they tend to liven up a room, but over the past few years, people have been really embracing the indoor jungle vibe. So […]

From seed to seed, A Sunflower’s journey in a container

Every sunflower plant that I came across in my whole life had either been planted in a field or on the side walk but NEVER in containers in a rooftop garden. It’s either because people don’t want to grow sunflowers at home, or they don’t know if they can. If you are one of those […]

Face Sheet Masks Are The New Plastic Straws!

 Few weeks back on BBC, a broadcast showed that plastic straw is not the only threat we need to be worried about! It has acquaintances which are equally dangerous for our planet. And it is none other than “Face sheet masks” Yes folks Yes! Sigh! “Face sheet masks or sheet masks are face-shaped sheet fabrics […]

What Should We Expect from the Australian Bushfires?

“The reality is, this is a function of climate change — this extreme heat, these extreme conditions that are so volatile and are producing the types of intensity and early season burning that we do not normally see in Australia,” Kolden- an associate professor of fire sciences at University of Idaho, said while speaking to […]

5 Simple Steps to Reduce Plastic Waste from Your Household

We’ve all been there! – After watching a video of a plastic straw being removed from a hapless turtle’s nose or looking at a haunting image of a sick polar bear population – we have all wanted to do something but been at a loss of both words and action! It is not untrue that […]