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Gardening: All Fun and Games?


Sure gardening pictures on Instagram are really fun and you get super hyper that “Hey, If they can do it, so can I” and yes you can but here’s the deal: Gardening is like ordering that fab dress online and finding it not as fabulous as you thought it was. Why does that happen? Here’s why:

No one tells you the struggle they have behind that lovely Instagram picture. No one tells you they have a ‘dirty corner’ in the garden where there’s all sorts of broken pots and composting bins. No one tells you that no matter how expert of a plant parent they become, they still kill some plants. No one tells you that sometimes they can’t even propagate the easiest looking plant. No one tells you that they still haven’t figured out a way to keep a “Hard to kill” plant. No one tells you that they have a rotting snake plant in their washroom. (Guilty!!)

So today, I’ll tell you that gardening is not all fun and games and even though my Instagram looks like I am the fairy God Mother of plants but listen up! My garden was a total disaster this summer and let me show you how:

Yellow Eggplant

Yes, you read that right. A yellow eggplant. I admit it was my first time growing it and there was a lot of room for error but…yellow! Seriously!

Pre-mature Gourds

I’m being very generous when I say that the gourds I tried to grow were “premature”. Truth is, they never made it out of the flower! I had four plants and with great flowers but not one single gourd. Every last flower fell without even starting to bear fruit. How disappointing is that!

Bug bitten Eggplants

As if yellow eggplants weren’t enough, Mother Nature decided to bless me with bug bitten eggplants and when I tried to have a closer look, the bugs started coming from INSIDE the fruit. Creep!

See the thing with gardening is that you can have the fanciest tools, the most efficient fertilizer and great growing conditions and sometimes, just sometimes you still might fail. And if that happens, don’t think you have a black thumb or anything. Think of it as an opportunity to learn what you don’t have to do while growing a specific plant. Fail again, fail better!

Uswa is a plant enthusiast and a proud plant mamma of over 100 plants. She is pursuing her studies in the field of Remote Sensing and Machine Learning and runs a plant blog on Instagram with the name Plant It

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