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Towards Sustainability

Act before waste is wasted

TrashIt advocates and leads with an action-driven approach to collect, up-cycle, and reintroduce food waste as natural earthy compost for sustainable, organic farming in your backyards. We help you reconnect with nature by building healthy soil.

We aspire to build zero waste green neighbourhoods by designing circular waste management systems, and we hope to bring together a tribe of eco-conscious woke citizens who are passionate to save the environment.

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Eco-Conscious, Zero Waste, Sustainable

TrashIt’s All Natural Compost gives new life to organic waste by returning the lost nutrients back into soil.

Here are three reasons to use TrashIt Compost for your gardens

Perfect Nutrition

Perfect Nutrition

Made from locally sourced 100% organic waste. This compost replenishes weak soil like no other!


Well decomposed earth-smelling compost
Soil Friendly

Soil Friendly

Increases water retention, boosts microbial activity, works as a slow release soil conditioner.


Taban Alam

I got my grandmother some organic compost for her vegetables, and she’s become a fan!

Tara Khan

I really enjoy using TrashIt compost in all my gardening! Totally helps in nourishing and preventing compacting!

Aniqua Ali

Usually only half of my seed packets used to grow, but after buying seeds and the Eco Khamba from Trash It, my jalapeno plant started flowering a week later!

Fahad Rabbani

The compost was very lightweight & odourless. I repotted one of my plants with TrashIt’s compost and now its already sprouting! My plant loves it!

Musfirah Taqdees

TrashIt’s compost works like a charm! My plant was barren for months, and just a week after adding your compost, it has been blooming! Thank you for this!


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